Our Services

With our company, we cover a wide range of services: So that your goods arrive as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Jumbo-Sized International Freight Forwarding

Big Trucks – for Big Shipments for a Big World Our trucks are distinguished by their particularly large load capacity. Our “Jumbos” are over three metres high in the interior, have double-sided lifting…

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Special Transports: Partial Loads

A Passion for Logistics – including for Partial Loads Sometimes a transport can’t wait – even if it’s carrying a load that doesn’t completely fill a truck. Often enough, this can be compensated…

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Warehouse Logistics

Logistics and Warehouses – Solutions that We Believe Just Belong Together High-performance logistics that react appropriately to demands includes the capacity to store freight for short periods. With our warehouses in Löhne, Recklinghausen…

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Vehicle Transports

High Quality Demands High-Quality Transport – with Dedicated Trucks Made for the Job High-quality trucks demand high-quality transport. That’s why we carry motor vehicles in enclosed special trucks. In this case, the dimensions…

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Special Transports: UK Specialists

We are specialists in transports to England and elsewhere within the United Kingdom: for greater safety and freight that arrive safely. Kottmeyer is active outside Germany – and specialises in transports to the…

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Special Transports: Transporting Animals

Even Jumbos Sometimes Need Jumbos Somewhere in the world there is a lonely female elephant. Somewhere at the other end of the world a lonely male elephant is waiting for her. We even…

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