Jumbo-Sized International Freight Forwarding

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Big Trucks – for Big Shipments for a Big World

Our trucks are distinguished by their particularly large load capacity. Our “Jumbos” are over three metres high in the interior, have double-sided lifting roofs and measure 2.5 metres wide in the interior – setting almost no limits to what they can carry.

Depending on what we carry, we make efficient use of this volume for our customers: a total volume of 120 cubic metres means 38 euro pallet places, 30 industrial pallet places or 24 beverage pallet places or room for 106 pallet cages.

To carry partial loads efficiently, we are a cooperation partner of ELVIS-Teilladungssystem GmbH.

It goes without saying that operate throughout the whole of Europe for our customers – so that production, trade and logistics are all optimally interlinked and so that this world really gets larger.